Tull & Gibbs

postcard - 1908

Tull & Gibbs
Spokane, WA

envelope - 1907

LC yearbook - 1920

Spokane's greatest home furnishing store.  Pianos, phonographs, records.  Your credit is good.

letter - 1927

LC yearbook - 1927

Gifts that have lasting value. Of all material things that surround us, furniture, furnishings and music have the greatest lasting influences on our daily lives.  Easy terms are offered here.

LC yearbook - 1928

Build your new year home gifts on easiest credit in Tull & Gibbs' Pre-Inventory sale of furniture.   Complete house furnishers.

LC yearbook - 1929

Your Credit is good.  All you need for your home comfort.  Furniture, home furnishings, radios, phonographs and pianos. Use your credit.  Trade in your old furniture.

LC yearbook - 1930

Use your credit at Tull & Gibbs. Spokane's greatest home-furnishing store.  Your credit is good.