Monkey Room

menu - 1940s

Monkey Room
Spokane, WA

Passionate Monkey - will make you climb the nearest coconut tree.  Waikiki Volcano - not a sissy drink.  Monsoon - sorry, limit of 3 to a customer. Fog cutter - delicious but devastating.  The Monkey Business - a cool tall one definitely not recommended for Grandma. Missionary's Downfall - enchanting the Trade Winds.  Pineapple Daiquiri - a real smoothie.  Flaming Lagoon - a beachcomber's aperitif.  Shark's Finn - worse than a tropical storm - twice as potent as the dreaded A-Bomb.   These are our own creations.  We are also prepared to serve your favorite brand of Bourbon, Scotch or any other liqueur.   20% Federal Tax will be added to all checks when dancing begins.

Coolie Cooler - a Pick Me Up after a Rickshaw ride.  Scorpion.  Beachcomber's Delight.

The Cardinal Cocktail Lounge and Monkey Room.  Three monkeys sat in a coconut tree, discussing things as they're said to be. Said one to the others, "Now, listen you two, there's a certain rumor that can't be true - that man descended from our noble race, the very idea is a disgrace."  Sillman Hotel, Third and Monroe, Spokane, WA.