Kinman Business University

LC yearbook - 1934

Kinman Business University
S. 110 Howard Street
Spokane, WA

Here's the policy that answers all questions, removes all doubts, meets all arguments: Kinman Business University cheerfully refunds all tuitions paid, any time during the first month,  if you are not entirely satisfied.  Unused tuition refunded at any time. Enter Any Monday.  New Multiple Program Plan enables you to progress rapidly. Positions secured for Graduates By Free Employment Departments. Ask for Catalog. Main 1179

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Kinman Business University offers advanced specialized training in all fields of business. Employment calls for young people with this training far exceeds the supply.  Opportunities for high salaries and rapid advancement were never better. Courses Offered Include: Business Administration, Accountancy, Business Machines, Comptometer, Secretarial Science, Stenography, Bookkeeping, Special I.B.M. and Burrough Machine Courses. Free lifetime employment service - Inquire now as to next starting date. TE 8-3521